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Now Taking Applications for 2024 Derby Royalty

Deadline is October 31, 2023


Derby Queen

Ashley Hopkins

Our 2023 Derby Queen is Ashley Hopkins. Ashley is a senior at Northland Pines High School. When Ashley moved here, she went right to the Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce. She found that Eagle River has a lot of events that she soon became a part of, from setting up events that the Chamber hosts, like Paul Bunyan Festival, Cranberry Festival, Oktoberfest, SeptembeRide, to serving food at the events and even cleaning up after the event. She enjoys helping our town host the events that bring so many people to our community to see what we are about and enjoy where we live. She joined the local PlumSkiter Waterski team located up in Sayner and ended up taking top place with her team at the Wisconsin National Ski event a couple of years ago. She painted a mural for a local restaurant up in Boulder Junction that features her artistic talent, And to encourage other girls to build each other up in high school, she placed signs of encouragement in the girl’s locker rooms and bathrooms to have more positivity around them. As she gets more into snowmobiling, she has enjoyed attending the World Championship Snowmobile Derby as well as helping us out as a volunteer!


Derby Princess

Sabrina Carlson

2023 Derby Princess, Sabrina Carlson, is a Senior at S.O.A.R. High School. Sabrina is a bubbly, people person! She loves learning new things, even if they present a challenge! She rides as a passenger with her brother and loves the scenery! Her favorite event is the Vintage World Championship Snowmobile Races! She loves volunteering at events like Cranberry Fest, Blizzard Blast, or Oktoberfest as community service is an important part of her life. Even smaller things like helping decorate our downtown square, helping out at the Kalmar Center, or making blankets for children who are in the hospital for long periods of time. She's on the cheer squad for football on Friday nights, and loves being in girl scouts.


Derby Princess

Katie Swendson

2023 Derby Princess Katie Swendson is a freshman at Northland Pines High School. She loves and participates in the drama programs at school! Volunteering is part of her schedule as she helps out with supporting local clubs, like Three Lakes Fish and Wildlife, Three Lakes Trails, and Three Lakes Women Auxiliary where she is a junior member. She also support the s Pink Ribbon Riders and their goals. Snowmobiling has been one of the best ways she clears her head and riding is a family tradition her family enjoys. Her sisters have been Royalty in the pas which has inspired her to follow in their footsteps!