our roots

Snowmobile racing and Eagle River have become so deeply intertwined for the past 4 decades that the names are almost synonymous. Say snowmobile race and most drivers will picture the wide-banked oval turns and the ice track in Eagle River. Mention the name of this Northern Wisconsin resort community and snowmobile race fans think of a long history of colorful, exciting races. All in which have brought the best snowmobile racers in the world together year after year to race for more than cash prizes and gigantic trophies, but for the prestige that comes with winning the big one. The history of snowmobiles started in Vilas County long before the first Eagle River race in 1964. The sport actually had its beginning some 40 years before that when Carl Eliason of Sayner invented the first snowmobile that could be related to the present machines. Although it was more of a snow toboggan, it had the same principles, and a track to drive the machine over the snow.