World Championship Snowmobile Derby – January 2021

Hosting oval, snocross and vintage racing, the World Championship Snowmobile Derby is not only the largest and most prestigious snowmobile competition in the sport, it is one of the highest-ranking winter sports events in the Midwest and recognized around the world.

Known as the Indianapolis 500 of Snowmobile Racing, the Derby attracts more than 40,000 spectators annually. Fans travel from all over the United States, Canada and beyond to watch more than 500 international drivers race their high-tech snowmobiles at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour on a solid ice oval, or marvel at the high-flying snocross pilots as they maneuver over the demanding snocross course. For over 50 years, the race has been held on a fully-contained, half-mile banked oval track located in the heart of one of Wisconsin’s most popular resort areas, Eagle River.


1964 Stan Hayes (Polaris)

1965 George Gensler (Evinrude)

1966 Steve Ave (Ski-doo)

1967 Duane Frandsen (Ski-Doo)

1968 Steve Ave (Ski-Doo)

1969 Roger Janssen (Arctic Cat)

1970 Yvon Duhamel (Ski-Doo)

1971 Mike Trapp (Yamaha)

1972 Mike Trapp (Yamaha)

1973 Bob Eastman (Polaris)

1974 Gilles Villeneuve (Alouette)

1975 Jim Bernat (Polaris)

1976 Ed Schubitzke (Yamaha)

1977 Steve Thorsen (Polaris)

1978 Steve Thorsen (Polaris)

1979 Bobby Elsner (Arctic Cat)

1980 Jacques Villeneuve (Ski-Doo)

1981 Brad Hulings (Scorpion)

1982 Jacques Villeneuve (Ski-Doo)

1983 Brad Hulings (Ski-Doo)

1984 Jim Dimmerman (Arctic Cat)

1985 Michael Gingras (Ski-Doo)

1986 Jacques Villeneuve (Ski-Doo)

1987 Chuck Decker (Ski-Doo)

1988 Bobby Donahue (Ski-Doo)

1989 Bruce Vessair (Ski-Doo)

1990 Dave Wahl (Ski-Doo)

1991 Greg Goodwin (Ski-Doo)

1992 Gary Vessair (Ski-Doo)

1993 Al Fenhaus (Ski-Doo)

1994 Dale Loritz (Ski-Doo)

1995 Dale Loritz (Ski-Doo)

1996 Dave Wahl (Ski-Doo)

1997 Dave Wahl (Ski-Doo)

1998 Terry Wahl (Ski-Doo)

1999 Mike Houle (Ski-Doo)

2000 Mike Houle (Ski-Doo)

2001 Jeremy Johnston (Ski-Doo)

2002 P. J. Wanderscheid (Arctic Cat)

2003 P. J. Wanderscheid (Arctic Cat)

2004 Larry Day (Arctic Cat)

2005 Gary Moyle (Arctic Cat)

2006 P. J. Wanderscheid (Arctic Cat)

2007 Gary Moyle (Arctic Cat)

2008 Brian Bewcyk (Ski-Doo)

2009 Brian Bewcyk (Ski-Doo)

2010 Matt Schulz (Polaris)

2011 P.J. Wanderscheid (Arctic Cat)

2012 Nick Van Strydonk (Polaris)

2013 Malcom Chartier (50th anniversary) (Ski-Doo)

2014 Malcom Chartier (Ski-Doo)

2015 Cardell Potter (Ski-Doo)

2016 Matt Schulz (Ski-Doo)

2017 Nick Van Strydonk (Polaris)

2018 Blaine Stephenson (Polaris)

2019 Blaine Stephenson (Polaris)

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