Race Rules and Regulations

General Rules:

(Note: These are the general rules only. Some listed classes may not be run at this event.)

1.     Off-Road racing is a hazardous sport, and with participation being voluntary, no entrant, pit crew member, or vehicle sponsor shall have any claim for damages, expenses, lawsuits, or otherwise against promotor, track operator, WCDC, its officers, agents, or directors arising from damage to any vehicle, personal injury, or death, monetary loss of any kind whatsoever. Entrants, pit crew members, or vehicle sponsors who voluntarily participate in any racing activities conducted under these rules, waive any claim they may have against promotor, track operator, WCDC officers, agents, or directors.

2.     The director shall have the authority to penalize, disqualify, and/or suspend any entrant or crew member for the violation of these rules including special rulings.

3.     WCDC may issue special rulings to account for conditions presented of the race, the condition of the course or any other circumstance.

4.     Supplementary regulations may be issued for each event as necessary to amend, suspend, or modify existing rules and/or regulations.

5.     WCDC assumes no responsibility whatsoever for delays, postponements, and/or cancellations of all part of an event because of inclement weather, unsafe course conditions, and/or any other reason.

6.     WCDC members are not employees of the World Championship Derby Complex. WCDC assumes all responsibility for all charges; premiums and taxes payable on any funds they may receive as a result of their participation in any WCDC sponsored event(s).

7.     WCDC reserves the right to refuse and/or deny any entry application.

8.     Displacement modifications are legal by boring and stroking a motor or increase displacement within the displacement guidelines per class. Boring down to decrease displacement is strictly prohibited.

9.     All ATV riders must have a working kill switch or tether cord kill switch (ATV).

10. No rider is permitted to carry gasoline except for within the machine’s fuel tank.

11. Safety equipment and machine eligibility are the sole responsibility of the rider.

12. ATV/UTV riders must be 4 years old or older as of the first day of the current event.

13. No paddle tires allowed.


  1. Any entrant who fails to fully fill out and sign required entry forms and releases shall be disqualified and shall forfeit any prize money, points, and contingencies won in that particular event. Entry forms and releases must be signed, in person, in front of a WCDC entry personnel. Identification may be required.
    No entrant may enter racing areas until they have signed all releases and/or entry forms. No person shall sign the release or forms for anyone other than himself or herself. Proper identification may be required (i.e., picture ID).
  2. The entry application of persons under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the release form. If a parent is sending their child with a legal guardian, they must use our minor release form.
  3. Any entrant who competes on a vehicle that he/she is not registered to ride or permits such action, shall forfeit any and all prize money, points, and contingencies won in that particular event. Such action may result in vehicle disqualification.


  1. The director, with or without protest, has the right to penalize, fine, disqualify, and/or suspend any vehicle or entrant for violation of any WCDC rules.
  2. Another entrant within the same event may make technical protests as the entrant being protested. A $250 cash fee ATV, $500 cash fee for single cylinder SxS, and $650 cash fee twin cylinder SxS, must accompany protests for each item protested. The protest must be in writing along with the fee and be delivered to the director no later than 30 minutes after the event results are protested. The decision of the director will be final. Winner of protest will get 80% of the fee.
  3. Any entrant who has an official protest lodged against his/her race vehicle must submit to an inspection of the protested items. Failure to submit to inspection will result in automatic disqualification and/or suspension. Those attending the inspection(s) will be as follows: A) The protestor or their designated representative. B) The protested competitor or their designated representative. C)WCDC officials.
  4. Rider may appeal referee’s decision to the Competition Committee. The Competition Committee will meet and rule on all appeals within 7 days of the particular event. All Competition Committee decisions will be considered final.
  5. Riders protests may be heard by the Competition Committee at the referee’s request.
    Appeals will not be accepted related to matters for which no remedy is available. (For example, if the remedy would be to re-run an event.)


  1. At all times the rider assumes responsibility for the actions of their pit crew members, support crews, and all others associated with their organization. All pitting must be done in the designated pit area. No rider is allowed to carry gasoline except inside his/her machine’s gasoline tank.

Technical Inspection:

  1. It is the entrants’, riders’, owners’, and sponsors’ full responsibility to meet all WCDC rules and regulations.
  2. Entrants must make all reasonable effort to arrive to staging a minimum of 15 minutes prior to start of the race.
  3. WCDC reserves the right to subject any vehicle to a technical inspection at the direction of the technical inspector. In the event of a mechanical inspection, the rider will be responsible for removing and repairing the requested items to be inspected as directed. Failure to comply will result in disqualification of entrant and vehicle.
  4. Each racer must pass a technical inspection prior to their race if asked by a WCDC official.


  1. The regulations herein apply to all classes unless otherwise noted in supplementary or specific class regulations. Modifications or optional equipment is not permitted unless the class requirements or safety regulations specifically state that it will be permitted. WCDC intent when prescribing specifications for safety equipment for vehicles that will compete under WCDC rules is to provide reasonable protection to all entrants to give full attention to safety requirements. Entrants must wear approved helmet, protective clothing, eye protection, and safety equipment when operating a vehicle on the racecourse at any time.

Safety Equipment:

  1. Helmets – helmets must be of the type approved by the Snell Memorial foundation with a Snell or 2010 D.O.T. sticker attached.
  2. Protective Clothing – Protective clothing accessories are required to include but not limited to, gloves, race pants, race jersey, boots.
  3. Eye Protection – Shatter resistant eye protection is required for all ATV/SXS entrants competing in the WCDC event.
  4. Emergency Kill Switch – All ATV must have a tether cord kill switch. Nerf bars or floorboards are required on all entrant vehicles.

Race Vehicle Number:

(Note:  WCDC assumes no responsibility for scoring vehicles with unrecognizable numbers.  It is the vehicle riders’ responsibility to have proper class colored backgrounds, numbers, and for keeping numbers recognizable.)

  1. All vehicles in competition must be identified with the correct class background color and correct vehicle numbers and be displayed in the proper locations as described herein. (Background Color reference chart located under Race Classes).
  2. All vehicles in competition must have identification numbers in the following locations, colors, and sizes:
  3. Minimum 6 inches high with ½-inch-wide stroke on rear number plate of vehicle.
  4. Minimum 6 inches high located on the front of the vehicle and plainly visible from the front of the vehicle.
  5. Minimum 6 inches high on rear of chest protector or jersey.
  6. All backgrounds must be solid color, no outlines or fading. No other colors besides specified for the class may be used on number plates. Note: Only temporary numbers issued at WCDC Derby registration may be of a different size or color.


  1. Drinking intoxicating beverages in designated pits, on racecourse, or in the surrounding areas by any person is strictly forbidden. The use of narcotics, (amphetamines or any other stimulants, barbiturates, or other depressants) is forbidden.  Any entrant or crew member in an event that shows evidence whatsoever, of being under the influence of any of aforementioned shall be subject to suspensions from all future WCDC events.  Violator must leave the premises immediately at the direction of the race director.
  2. Any entrant who makes false statement on a contingency or entry form shall be disqualified and shall forfeit all prize money, points, and all contingencies won in the race.
  3. Any entry application containing a falsified signature will cause entrant to be disqualified and shall forfeit all prize money, points, and contingencies won at that event.
  4. Any entrant disqualified from any event for any reason whatsoever forfeits any and all rights to prize money, points, and contingencies. Entrant will not be entitled to a refund of all or any portion of his/her entry fee.
  5. Any race entrant or their support personnel who subject any WCDC Derby official, other race entrants or their support personnel to verbal threats and/or physical abuse will be brought before the director. The director will make the decision of disqualification and/or suspension of the rider and the offending support personnel for said offenses.  Acts of physical abuse may be reported to the proper authorities and may lead to legal action.
  6. Deliberate vehicle contact shall be reason for penalty, disqualification and/or suspension at the direction of the director.


SxS Rules:


The following rules only apply to ALL Non-Pro Classes:

  1. Factory Roll cages are allowed but not recommended. Aftermarket well-built roll cages made for racing are recommended.  If factory cage is used gusseting and supporting the factory cage at two points that go to rear bumper/frame are highly encouraged. Fire retardant suites are recommended.


The following Side x Side rules will only apply to ALL Pro Classes:

  1. All vehicles must pass technical inspection prior to going to starting line. Failure to do so will result in loss of gate pick.
  2. All factory suspension a-arm, trailing arm pivot points must remain in stock location.
  3. No superchargers, turbos (only Unlimited Class), nitrous or any other pressurization/injection type system will be allowed.
  4. All vehicles must have a fire extinguisher and it must be readily accessible to the driver. It must be mounted in with a quick release type mechanism.
  5. Race numbers will be a minimum of 8 inches tall with the specific color designation for the class. Number shall be readable from, sides and back of each car.  Minimum 4-inch number facing the front of the car above drivers’ front window.  Extra-large roof top panel numbers are beneficial.
  6. Aftermarket well-built roll cages made for racing are recommended. No factory stock roll cages will be allowed. Factory cages will only be allowed if modified/reinforced and tied into rear bumper/frame at two points. Gusseting of the factory cage is highly encouraged.
  7. Metal roof panels are required.
  8. Lockable side protection doors must be mounted in a way as to not be able to pop open during racing. Factory doors with secondary locking mechanism are approved.
  9. Driver side window nets are required.
  10. Passenger side nets or passenger hand restraints are required if you have a passenger.
  11. 3” wide five-point restraint system for both driver and occupant are required. The 5-point system must include an antisubmarine belt that is at least 2” wide.
  12. Full personal safety gear must be worn to include:
    1. Fire retardant suits must be worn that cover from neck to ankles.
    2. Helmets, gloves, goggles, and racing shoes or boots.
    3. Motorcycle type race gear will NOT be allowed as it is extremely flammable.

The Pro Stock class will follow production-based guidelines, except as listed below:

No motor modifications may be done.  All components are to remain OEM and with OEM tolerances.  The following exceptions are allowed.  Clutch system to include belt and anything within clutch assembly, exhaust system, fuel control computer, air filter element.