Champ and Formula III Championship racing to be featured at 2020 Derby


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May 13, 2019

From: World Championship Derby Complex

Champ and Formula III Championship
racing to be featured at 2020 Derby

While the Champ Class will race for the title of World Champion at the 2020 races in Eagle River, this will be last year of this class competing in the WC.

With the newly formed Formula III class being approved by ISR, supported by contingency monies from the four OEMs and included in the USSA ProStar Cup Series in all of its future events, this class will become the World Championship Race class starting in 2021.

Reasons for creating this new class include a much lower cost of equipment resulting in increased participation on the track and increased safety for the drivers.

“We are committed to bringing exciting and very competitive racing action to our fans,” states Craig Marchbank, Race Director for the famed Eagle River Derby.

“This coming season will offer the teams and drivers a chance to develop their new Formula III sleds. We anticipate a much larger entry field for this class as the cost to build is very economical,” he added.

Tentative plans for the 2020 World Championship Derby will include a special “Formula III Championship” event on Saturday. The track will also offer an added purse in addition to the OEM’s contingency monies for the top three places.

For more information call Craig Marchbank – 708-774-0604

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